About Us
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About Us


T here is no doubt that the world has undergone many political and economic changes due to covid 19, the largest industrialized entities and countries have stopped for fear of the spread of the virus and the loss of thousands of lives daily. Humanity – this time, not only workers – tended to follow public safety instructions to immunize against the epidemic, and personal protective equipment such as masks and medical gloves were sold at the highest prices due to their lack of availability in the required number.

From here, all international labor institutions set out to include safety against the epidemic among the duties of business owners towards workers, and organized instructions for each of them for prevention, and this undoubtedly helped the return of managing the wheel of production and industry and the stability of the global economy once again. The culture of safety, public and occupational health have changed, entrepreneurs, managers, and even employees of various job levels have realized the importance of occupational health and safety field as they have touched the strong impact that each person may have.


does not include only students or workers in the field of occupational health and safety – raising awareness and culture in the field of occupational health and safety for the general public and students in schools and universities and young craftsmen.


shedding light on the field of public, occupational health and safety in the simplest articles, far from engineering and scientific terminology to confront hazards and Risks in work environments, preventing accidents and injuries, and losing our dearest people.


Risky and Safety website provides you with the simplest information you need in the field guiding if you want to start learning to gain knowledge and experience and take the first steps in it through some training courses on the most important certificates